A Minute with Johnny Witmer from the Stitches (Part Two)

A Minute with Johnny Witmer from the Stitches (Part Two)

PM: How does the band function differently than the Stitches? I don’t know what your voice sounds like and that Teenage Frames cd is in a box somewhere. So how are the vocal duties and songwriting split up?

JW: We actually practice every week. In The Stitches, we haven?t practiced in over 10 years. We just play live. I’m singing about half of the songs in The Crazy Squeeze. You can hear my voice on the songs on our myspace page. Frankie and Sleeper sing the other songs, but we haven’t recorded them yet. We all write the songs, but usually whoever writes the lyrics will sing the songs. 

PM: Are the Stitches still active in LA?

JW: Yes.

PM: Is there a specific reason as to why the Stitches only sporadically tour? I think the last time I saw you guys was in 2003. The band doesn’t really seem active any longer. Can that be attributed to something – disinterest?

JW: No, we tour all of the time. We’ve been up to the Bay area like 10 times in the last year. Where the hell were you? Maybe you have a disinterest in coming to see us? We just did a great mid-west & east coast tour a few weeks ago. We had a great time.

PM: The last two tours both featured three dates in Ohio (I’m from Clevo) – You lived there at some point I believe. I’m assuming you still have family there – true or false, discuss…

JW: Yeah. I grew up in Ohio. It was a great place to grow up, but I always wanted to be in California to skateboard, and to play music. Ohio just gets too cold, and everyone’s depressed.

PM: The first full length should probably be considered a classic at this point. How was it received when you first released it?

JW: It was well received right out of the box. We got rave reviews in all of the mags. Maximum R&R gave it like 12 top 10”s. We started a whole revolution of mostly terrible bands, but some were/ are good. Even kids that weren’t even born in 1995 love it today.

PM: The first full length is pretty much about girls and getting fucked up. But the singles after that leading up to the second full length have a lotta references to technology, cars, etc. Where’d that come from and why the change in lyrical content? [CON’T]