Misfits Perform Live 11/19/12 at WARFEST at The Hard Rock Cafe in Las VEgas, NV

Legendary punk band the Misfits perform live at The Hard Rock Cafe on the strip in Las Vegas, NV on 11/19/12. Local and regional supporting bands include The Kruz, Next Generation Rising, Loose Nutts, BAH RAM YOU, The Attached and Knocked Out Cold. Go to warfest.com or hardrockcafe.com for more info. Email jason@warfest.com for sponsor or media opportunities.

Black Flag

Nervous Breakdown

Before the term “punk hardcore” was invented to describe the music of Black Flag and other LA bands, Black Flag was just seen as another punk band. “Nervous Breakdown,” their first release, sounds much more like old school punk rock rather than punk hardcore per se.


Black Flag went through a number of different singers before settling on Henry Rollins, and this track is from well before Rollins' time with the band. The singer is actually Keith Morris, later of the Circle Jerks. After he left and started his own band, Black Flag continued under the leadership of guitarist Greg Ginn. Since Ginn was the band's primary songwriter, it wasn't too difficult for them to just hire a new singer whenever they needed to.

What a Wonderful World


The music of the Ramones always makes me feel happy and joyful and filled with life, from their early classics like “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” up to later stuff like “Warthog” and “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg,” and even covers like “Needles and Pins” or bizarre parodies like “The KKK Took My Baby Away.” They all seem to give me this happy feeling, and the Ramones is the band I go to when I want to cheer myself up. Joey Ramone's version of “What a Wonderful World” is the perfect example, even if he didn't do this one with the rest of the band.

Alabama 3 Covers "Hotel California"

Alabama 3 and Their Eagles Cover

If you have traveled anywhere AT ALL in the entire world, you are well aware of the fact that The Eagle’s “Hotel California” is one of the most played songs to this day and is covered often by foreign bands playing English and American covers.


I’ve never understood the reasons for the continuing popularity of the song because “Hotel California” is almost a million minutes long and has several stanzas of lyrics that can’t be easy for non-native English speakers to memorize. Of course, some countries may have different standards for what makes music popular; it could just be that the longer a song is, the more impressive it actually seems or appears to be.

Sugarland to Play in Cleveland

With a name like Sugarland, it would be hard to not like a duo—even if their genre isn’t your preferred one. They sound like a board game or a fantasy place made of gingerbread houses and giant lollipops. After seeing the two perform on the hipster kids’ TV show Yo Gabba Gabba, I concluded that, though perhaps a bit annoying, the group is pretty cute, and I’m sure their show is going to be one worth seeing.

Sugarland will be at the Blossom Music Center this Friday, May 13. Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush will be sure to perform their major hit, “Baby Girl,” as well as other Sugarland favorites.

Remember Creed?

What ever happened to the band Creed? They were so popular when I was in high school. I remember their song, “Can You Take Me Higher,” being such a big hit. It was used to promote that cute spacey cartoon, Titan A.E., and I know I played it often enough to drive my boyfriend insane.

I never knew that the band was a Christian one, though, until some Christian friends told me they were. Even after that, there was still speculation on whether or not they were really a Christian group, or if they happened to just be all Christian musicians who played rock music. Officially, I think they were simply known as post-grunge, more than anything else.

How Do You Define Alternative Music?

In the sixth grade, Mrs. Johnson, our music teacher (known especially from an epic moment when she tossed her shoulder pads out of her shirt, exasperated with them), went around the class, asking what type of music everyone liked. Living in semi-rural Missouri, most people said, “Country.” Some said rock. I said “Alternative,” and after that, everyone else wanted to say that, too.

The Very Best of Grateful Dead

If you’re not a die-hard Deadhead and you’re really interested in just buying “the hits” of the Grateful Dead, you might want to grab a copy of The Very Best of the Grateful Dead. The collection is available at Amazon.com for $10.97, though you can also buy used copies as low as $6.

The odds are that your favorite Grateful Dead song is included in this selection. While my favorite, “Sugaree,” is not, some of my other favorites, such as “Touch of Grey” and “Sugar Magnolia,” are on the compilation. Many other popular favorites, such as “Casey Jones” and “Fire on the Mountain,” are also included.

Brainbombs Hate You

What’s actually amazing about Brainbombs – apart from how abrasive a rock band can actually be – is the fact that no member of the band has killed themselves. Yet. With such a tremendous amount of hate spewing forth from each and every song, it almost doesn’t make sense as to how or why these guys haven’t been involved in some sort of atrocious killings or general violence.

Urinating on Flowers. 100 of Them.

Pretty much half of the first and second wave punk acts seem to have been started by folks who maintain their initial impetus was more closely related to comedy than authentic musician ship. 100 Flowers is another group which maintains that. Started as the Urinals during the late seventies, the band issued a few singles, recorded a ridiculous amount of material and subsequently changed its name to the more palatable 100 Flowers. Blame it on the Paisley Underground or myriad other underground influences. The name change, though, also coincided with a significant shift in aural aptitude.


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