March 2012

The Divergent Evolution of Pop Punk and Hardcore

Why one has survived while the other splintered

There's a reason the Buzzcocks's music continues to play in the soundtracks of feature films to this date. Scatological and puerile as much of their material may be, their sound has hardly aged a day. Throw "Ever Fallen In Love" or "Fast Cars" in a playlist alongside Green Day and the Offspring and see if anyone notices the decade shift. It seems as though pop punk throughout all its generations has remained evolutionary stable, churning itself up again and again in similar forms while hardly ever growing stale. It's the shark of the punk ecosystem. It doesn't change, it doesn't age.

Punk Rock Bowling

"Also, the Golden Nugget poker room will play host to a Punk Rock Poker tournament"

Punk Rock and Bowling are two things I happen to enjoy. Add them together and throw in a few days in Las Vegas and I’m a pretty happy girl, actually a very happy girl. Started a little over a decade ago, Punk Rock Bowling has grown into a three day event which takes over Downtown Vegas with a storm of fans and bands.